School Search


School Search

School selection is an important part of life. The main concern of expat parents is finding the perfect school for their children where they can continue to learn in same pace as their home country. Every parent’s top priority list includes finding the ideal school and securing a seat for their kids. It influences a lot of things, from where the family chooses to live to whether they will leave their current place or not.

At Travis Destinations Services, the destination consultants we choose are best in what they do, and we train them to be better. As a result, they are well-versed in the area, its surroundings, school location, their curriculum and the standards. Our DCs help you find the best school in your preferred location. Travis Consultant understands the importance of education.

In this service, the consultant helps the family choose the right (local or international) schools and colleges while also outlining the many alternatives, setting up visits with the schools, and keeping tabs on the registration procedure.

School Search Services:

The consultant helps the family choose the right school based on their requirements. Once the school search date is finalized, our destination consultant meets at an agreed-upon location. Before this, we understand your requirements, and based on those, we find the school suitable for your children.

Our DCs give accurate and unbiased information about everything. All of our destination consultants have great knowledge and plenty of experience in this area.

What is included in school search services?

  • Local school and Pre-school
  • Private schooling
  • International schools
  • Specific language schools
  • Research and advice
  • Arrangement of School interview
  • Registration assistance
  • Admission assistance

We provide independent advice from education professionals. Expert services delivered by our DCs have extensive knowledge and experience of the local market. They take care of the complete process from beginning till end.

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