Decision of moving to a new city is often challenging to the family as spouse and kids leave their hometown behind to experience a new culture and hopes to adjust to the new environment. An orientation prior to actual shifting is quite helpful as it helps to understand if this new city can be your new hometown or not. Our experienced destination consultants are knowledgeable and unbiased in sharing the important information to ensure “the big decision” right.

Destination Services in Bangalore

Orientation Process:

Once the Orientation date is finalized, our destination consultant will meet at agreed location (mostly the temporary accommodation or hotel you are staying). Prior to this, we will understand your requirements and any major concerns you wish to clarify during this tour. Our DC’s will give firsthand information without any bias across various topics. All of our destination consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in that particular city.

The orientation is customized as per needs. Most commonly, our Orientation will include:

  • Insights about the city in general
  • The specific’s Do’s and Don’t’s
  • Information on the temporary and permanent housing options
  • Information on the schools as per needs
  • Information on Utility, transportation, opening bank accounts etc
  • Information about hospitals and emergency services.
  • Leisure and entertainment within the city and outskirts for weekend getaway
  • Visiting a local grocery store to get a feel on availability
  • If required, visiting the temporary accommodation
  • Drive through from work location to nearby areas.
  • Advice on the cultural, sports and religious activities

The Orientation service is usually done for single day but can be extended to couple of days if multiple visits are required to get more familiar. For example, If someone is a professional golf player – they would love to visit golf clubs to “see” the standards maintained. We at Travis like to listen and aim to do our best to give firsthand information and make you feel comfortable.

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