Destination Service


Travis assists employees with housing, school, driver’s license, dentist, and compliance for productivity.

All Travis Destination Consultants have experienced living in a foreign city and know what it’s like to set up home somewhere new.
Departure Support
Airport Meet and Greet
It’s good to see a friendly face when you arrive in a new place. Using our Meet and Greet service means that a Travis Destination Consultant will be.
Temporary Accomdation
Temporary accommodation
Exceptionally skilled and versatile assistant with top-notch research, organization, communication, and problem-solving abilities.
Home Search
Finding a place to live is near the top of the list of priorities for every assignee and their family. The majority of markets around the.
School Search
School Search
One of the main concerns of an expatriate family is the optimal adaptation of the education of their children in the new homeland.
Settling In
Settling In
Moving to and settling in a new location should be a positive experience and not a distraction at work for the relocating employee.
Tenancy Management
For the relocating employee, dealing with workers, suppliers, landlords, and leases is an unwelcome and time-consuming distraction.
Expense Management
Expense Management
Accurate management of relocation expenses and tax reports is a critical part of any relocation program. Travis offers a range.
Departure Support
At the end of a demanding assignment, there is much meticulous work to be done to ensure that all loose ends are attentively attended to before departure.