Departure Support


Departure Support

We are very excited when we move to a new city or country, but when your assignment is over, we have to move to a new destination or our hometown. We Provide the Departure Support Services.

As you prepare to relocate to a new location or your hometown, you must take care of your current residence. There will be quite a few things to manage and take care of. At Travis Departure Support Services, we make sure that you or your employee can begin their next chapter in their life stress-free! This process comes with all types of formalities. We are here to help you as well as make sure nothing is left behind. We take care of everything.

Departure Support

If assignees take services from Travis, we make sure that assignees can stay focused until the end of their work while we work to get all pending work sorted.

Pur destination consultants are well experienced with years of experience working with multiple assignees over several years. We are aware of minute details which are usually missed upon. Some of the tasks include lease termination, Deposit return, dealing with any claim of property damage, disconnection of utilities, phone, bank accounts, broadband etc and make sure that sufficient notice is given to the service provider.

Departure Support Services:

There are numerous formalities that must be completed prior to relocating to a new location or returning to your hometown. There would be.

  • Notice to the landlord and lease cancellation
  • Assistance with Home Deposit return
  • Utility disconnection
  • Transfer or Closure of bank accounts
  • Inventory check out
  • Professional home cleaning and damage repairs setup
  • Assistance with disconnection of phone connections, wi-fi, and schools.
  • Before moving, assistance will be provided in inspecting the property (to report that nothing is damaged or to ensure that everything is in order).

This is just a sample of our departure services. We can help as per your customized needs. Our destination consultations are flexible and prepare customized itineraries as per your or your employees’ needs. We ensure all minor details are taken care of and departure from your current location is made hassle-free.

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